Our Wedding Packages

Let us alleviate the wedding planning stress. We streamline the process by meticulously discussing every aspect, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience leading up to your special day..

Celebrating Love and Life: Your Perfect Wedding, Our Expert Photographer's Vision

Vintage Photo & Video £1,500

Photography and videography team, meticulously covering every moment from Bridal preparation to 3rd dance. Coverage – Bridal preparation to Dancing. Pre- wedding consultation, 65 Images in 12×12 Storybook. Unlimited photos on USB.

Wedding package Vintage Full day photography and Videography

Wedding Vintage

Photography & Videography package £1,500

Embark on a journey to capture the enchantment of your wedding day with our Full Day Wedding Photography package, a meticulous exploration from Bridal and Groom Preparation to the third dance. Recognising the profound significance of this day, we are committed to beautifully preserving every precious memory. Commencing at the inception of your day, our coverage spans from bride and groom preparations or guest arrivals to the heartwarming ceremony and intimate moments at a location of your choice. We specialiSe in candid shots of family and friends, crafting timeless group portraits to cherish forever. From the grand entrance as husband and wife to the emotional cutting the wedding cake, heartfelt speeches, and the first three dances, each moment is immortalised in both photographs and a captivating wedding video, showing your wedding day memories

Our iconic 12 x 12 seamless storybook album becomes the vessel for these cherished memories, complemented by a free signature frame for guests, creating a lasting memento. The professional full HD wedding video meticulously unfolds from guest arrivals to the final dance and speeches, including a diary room for personalised messages.

Our skilled team, equipped with steady-cams, tripods, monopods, and shotgun microphones, ensures a polished result. The video package features an 8-10 minute highlight and a 60/90 minute full-record video, allowing you to relive your special day for years to come. Trust us to craft a beautiful and comprehensive record of your Scottish wedding, transforming your memories into timeless works of art with Annie's expertise behind the lens.

Copyright free photos. Fully edited colour and black & white Images .Online gallery. Full length video 60/90 mins, highlight clip 8-10 mins diary room for guests for personalised message. Trust us to create a beautiful and comprehensive record of your Scottish wedding, where Annie's expertise behind the lens transforms your memories into timeless works of art. where Annie and Peter's expertise behind the lens transforms your memories into timeless works of art

We can provide a second Photographer or Videographer at an extra charge to cover up to 4 hours £300

  • Coverage – Bridal prep to first 3 dances
  • Pre- wedding consultation
  • Pre wedding shoot
  • Signature frame
  • 65 Images in 12×12 Storybook
  • Landscape or Portrait style
  • Unlimited photos on USB
  • Copyright free photos
  • Fully edited colour and black & white Images
  • Online gallery
  • Full length video 60/90 mins
  • Highlight clip 8-10 mins
  • Diary room for guests for personalised message
We are Storytellers of Your Day

Photography is a powerful art form that transcends time. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about encapsulating emotions, memories, and the essence of life itself. When we click the shutter, we're not just taking a picture; we're preserving a feeling, a touch, a love. These captured moments endure eternally, serving as time machines to transport us back to the past, reminding us of the intricate details and emotions that may have faded from memory. In the world of photography, every click is a testament to the enduring power of preserving the beauty and significance of life's fleeting moments.