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Let us alleviate the wedding planning stress. We streamline the process by meticulously discussing every aspect, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience leading up to your special day..

Celebrating Love and Life: Your Perfect Wedding, Our Expert Photographer's Vision

Ivy Photography £495

Capture the essence of your wedding day with our exclusive Wedding USB package. From the intimate moments of Bridal Preparations and the anticipation of Guests arriving to the breathtaking arrival of the Bride at the Wedding Venue, every emotion is preserved. Cherish the Ceremony through our lens, and immortalize the love shared between the bride and groom in a chosen location. Candid shots with Family and friends, as well as group shots, encapsulate the joyous atmosphere. The Grand entrance of the newlyweds and the timeless Cutting of the Wedding Cake are beautifully documented, creating a cherished collection that tells the story of your special day.
Capture every cherished moment of your special day with our Wedding USB package, meticulously designed to encapsulate the magic from start to finish. Begin with the intimate Bridal Preparations, where the anticipation and excitement build as the bride readies herself for the momentous occasion. Transition seamlessly to the Guests arriving, setting the stage for the beautiful unfolding of your love story.

The lens then focuses on the Bride arriving at the Wedding Venue, a breathtaking scene marking the commencement of your journey to forever. The ceremony unfolds in a series of snapshots, preserving the vows, the exchange of rings, and the profound emotions shared between you and your beloved.

Move beyond the traditional shots with a unique perspective on the Photographs capturing the bride and groom in a chosen location, highlighting the distinctive beauty of your love. Engage in heartwarming moments with Family and friends, immortalised through candid group shots that reflect the joyous atmosphere surrounding your union.

As the day reaches its pinnacle, witness the Grand entrance of the newlyweds, symbolising the start of your shared life. The timeless tradition of the Cutting of the Wedding Cake is elegantly documented, ensuring every detail is immortalised for years to come.

Coverage – up to 4 hours

Pre- wedding consultation

Pre wedding shoot

Signature frame

Unlimited photos on USB.

Copyright free photos.

Fully edited colour and black & white Images.

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We are Storytellers of Your Day

Photography is a powerful art form that transcends time. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about encapsulating emotions, memories, and the essence of life itself. When we click the shutter, we're not just taking a picture; we're preserving a feeling, a touch, a love. These captured moments endure eternally, serving as time machines to transport us back to the past, reminding us of the intricate details and emotions that may have faded from memory. In the world of photography, every click is a testament to the enduring power of preserving the beauty and significance of life's fleeting moments.


Elevate your wedding experience with Annie Mac Photography!

Approximately six weeks before your wedding.

Create a beautiful keepsake for your big day. Join us for a pre-wedding meeting where we'll transform your cherished moments into a stunning signature board.  Select your favourite image, and we'll create a beautiful keepsake for your big day. This unique experience allows your guests to sign the board, making it a meaningful addition to your wedding décor and a lasting reminder of your special day.

Let Annie Mac Photography turn your love story into a work of art, one frame at a time. Contact us today to capture the essence of your wedding day in a truly unforgettable way.
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