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Annie Mac Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Wedding Photographer Ayrshire & Dumfries

Why Hire Annie Mac as Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer?

What You Get with Annie Mac?

You will find by hiring Annie Mac as your wedding photographer and Videographer is that she is modern and informal, quirky and creative, heart-warming, funny, and empathetic. Yet you won't even know she is working very hard behind the scenes on your big day.

Delivering the Type of Wedding Pictures You

Shooting creative, classic, documentary, candid style wedding pictures for the best day ever.

Why Hire a Local Wedding Photographer in the Ayrshire and Dumfries area?

As your experienced wedding photographer in the regions of both Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway, means that for many years knowing a lot about the wedding venues in the area - and even the typical weather at certain times of the year. That means being prepared and ready to follow tight schedules, crowds, difficult leading, and always being one step ahead, of what picture needs to be taken next.