My Wedding in Black and White Photography

Black And White Wedding Photography is it Better than Colour?

Black and White Wedding Photographer Annie Mac

Black and White Wedding Photos considered as timeless.

Reasons to try Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and White wedding photographer Annie Macs insights on whether black and white wedding photos are better than colour?

Black and White Wedding photos draw more attention to shadows. But taking the colour away adds something greater to the picture telling a story. Black and white photography can be emotional.

Vintage Black and White Wedding Photos

Considering going for the vintage black and white wedding pictures adds a distinctive touch of romanticism and nostalgia that makes them basically timeless.

How to decide which Wedding Photos should be Black and White?

Does this image look better in black and white or full colour? These are decisions that will be important prior to the big day. So, let us sit down and consider what shots would be best suited to be in Black and White and which ones to have in colour.