We are Annie & Peter

Photography and Videography

Defined by a distinctive, contemporary approach, our photography will embrace realism, and beauty in documentary-style wedding photography. With backgrounds spanning fine arts, photojournalism, and fashion, Annie Mac photography captures the essence of every event with the unique attention to the photographic form and aesthetic of each client’s special day.

Documentary Wedding Photography

This approach is very popular nowadays. Many couples want this style but are afraid that it sacrifices traditional wedding photography. We are here to explain that it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a happy medium. Our style is very documentary but we will capture it all.  

We get a few questions about this time to time. Our couples love our documentary/photojournalistic approach. But really, what is it? Do we only take “natural”/candied moments? No, we are wedding photographers.

Every wedding photographer is sort of a documentary photographer. Many of us capture candid moments throughout the day. More traditional photographers take more photos that are set up, or re-enact a moment, most bridal couples love the structure & to have typical/traditional photos with documentary-style photographs.

The true documentary approach is all about you. Your wedding, your way. If a moment happens; we capture it. If you want an informal portrait of you & your friends/family, we capture it. However, if you would like family photographs directed, set up, we can do this. We allow you & your families, to get comfortable, to be themselves, and then capture real moments. Fun, emotional, beautiful. We are always seeking & anticipating a moment, knowing when to push the shutter to capture a smile, a glance, or a tear.